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    Supermarket in Portugal

    Commercial Waste Cooling

    Equipment: CX30 & CKC20 range of cellar cooler systems
    Distributor Specified: Cest, Portugal
    Date Specified: 2016-2018

    Although originally designed for use in beer cellars, our CX Cellar Coolers, with it’s antibacterial chassis, have been identified as a solution to a growing problem: the storage of commercial waste. The objective is to prolong the decaying process by cooling the waste to a more suitable temperature. This is especially important in locations with high ambient conditions. This innovative application has been spearheaded by our Portuguese distributor, Cest, and has been taken up by large supermarket retailers, like ALDI. Supermarkets produce high quantities of commercial waste from all aspects of day to day operations making it critical that waste is cooled to reduce decay and odour while maintaining acceptable levels of hygiene until the waste can be removed..