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    Marstair work with many retailers in the UK and abroad to design bespoke air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for supermarkets, shops, restaurants and wine storage.

    What we deliver:

    At the centre of Marstair designing bespoke projects for retailers are:

    • Lowering carbon emissions retailers produce
    • Lowering energy costs to the retailers to increase profit margins
    • Enhancing customer experience in store and preserve products

    Our products are designed to meet the high targets retailers are faced with to reduce carbon emissions and resolve issues with other environmental impact such as prolonging the decaying process to manage bacteria and odour management of food waste.

    We understand the customer experience retailers want, the longer the customer stays in the store, the more chance of maximising profits. It’s our job as a manufacturer and designer to make the customer experience as comfortable as possible. We do this by giving your customers the right temperatures and designing indoor units to be aesthetically pleasing. We support the customer experience at the same time as preserving products at the required temperatures in-store.

    We understand that each retailer has different needs depending on the products they sell and multiple systems are needed in the design of the air-conditioning and refrigeration systems to support all the needs one store can have. Our design engineers are experienced with designing systems in many sectors. We encourage our design team in many ways to share their experience and work together to build innovational systems so retailers can benefit from their own bespoke system to meet all the needs in-store.