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    Marine & Offshore

    Marine applications have the most demanding requirements in terms of corrosion protection. We offer a range of options for the MCU+ and MRC+ condensing units to create tailored solutions for even the toughest of environments.

    We are able to provide additional corrosion protection to critical components including heat exchangers, aluminium and copper fins and metal work. Marine sites often have specific electrical supply and control requirements and we can provide IP ratings for fan motors (IP44 or IP65) and electrical enclosures (IP44 or IP65).

    We are happy to prepare a bespoke specification to suit your requirements.

    application includes:

    A wide range of options to suit more extreme environments such as:

    • High corrosion risk environments
    • High external ambient of up to 55°C
    • Extreme cold environments
    • Severe weather protection, e.g. guards for sand or hailstone protection
    • High wind areas

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