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    CKC HA

    Part of the air conditioning range, these condensing units are designed for R134a specifically for applications with high ambient temperatures up to 55ÂșC.


    • Easy access for installation and service
    • Suction and liquid service valves
    • Fan speed head pressure control
    • Low ambient start timer
    • 3 minute delay timer / random start timer
    • Contactor
    • LP switch (auto)
    • HP switch (auto)
    • Nitrogen holding charge
    • Up to 40m liquid line pipe runs

    Additional Features

    • Various corrosion protection options
    • A wide range of electrical options
    • Hot gas bypass for extreme low ambient temperature
    • Option: Coil guards/Sand trap louvers
    • Option: Crankcase heater
    • Option: Fitted Receiver for refrigeration applications