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    The DRC+ medium temperature refrigeration condensing units are designed for siting indoors with the outdoor air being ducted into and out of the building.

    Ducted units are particularly suited to visually sensitive applications or where local planning regulations exclude equipment mounted on the outside of buildings. The DRC+ condensing units are fitted with centrifugal fans and are available in cooling duties 1.1 – 4.7kW



    • 1.4 - 4.7kW nominal cooling duty
    • Designed for ducted indoor applications
    • Reciprocating compressors
    • Suction and liquid service valves
    • Fan speed head pressure control
    • Crankcase Heater
    • LP switch (auto) & HP switch (auto)
    • 3 minute delay timer
    • Ease of access for installation and service
    • Random start timer
    • Low ambient start timer
    • Liquid receiver
    • Noise attenuation insulation
    • Capacitor start relay (20, 30 & 40. 1Ph Only)
    • Sight Glass
    • Refrigeration Drier
    • Factory charged with Nitrogen