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    A2LcellarMatch is the only solution which provides a complete solution on A2L refrigerant for cellar cooling. Installed using standard controllers, it is also suitable for applications with up to 80m pipe runs, and which requires no extra safety measures.


    • Designed and developed to BS EN 378: 2016 Standard
    • Delivering a 93% reduction in refrigerant GWP with huge environmental benefits
    • 11% more efficient with CXE / SMC than CXE / CKC
    • Pre-calculated refrigerant charge for all interconnecting pipe lengths, allows easy identification of the EN378 charge limits relative to beer cellar size
    • Simple skill level uplift required to install
    • Suitable for all cellar cooling applications
    • Up to 80m pipe runs available
    • Simple system selection and easy installation
    • Full compliance within the box
    • No requirement for extra safety measures ie. emergency ventilation
    • 5 year Parts Warranty as Standard