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    Our Industry leading UK testing facilities ensure your products are designed and built to the very highest standards.

    Sound Testing

    • Testing ability for the full range of products for both chilled water and dx
    • Units tested at a specific fan speed which can used by an acoustic consultants to generate the sound pressure figure
    • Tests performed in an independently calibrated test room
    • Split room set up and so noise from the fan coil generates can be split between above the ceiling void / in the conditioned space
    • Testing across the full range of airflows and air side pressure drops allowing customer the ability to witness the testing of the units on their project first hand

     Chilled Water Environmental

    • Chamber set up to measure unit water side pressure drop and either cooling or heating performance
    • Conditions to set match the customers specified requirements for air temperature & humidity and water flow and return temperatures
    • Airflow and air side pressure drop can also be set up to match the previously specified requirements of the sound test facilities

    For Cooling

    Total duty = temperature difference of water x mass flow rate of the water x specific heat capacity

    Sensible duty = air on and air off temperature difference x mass flow rate of the air x specific heat capacity

    Latent duty = Total duty-sensible duty 

    For Heating

    Duty = temperature difference of water x mass flow rate of the water x specific heat capacity

    Water side pressure drop is then measured at the water flow rate required to achieve the unit duty


    DX Environmental

    • Tests uses a plate heat exchanger where changes in water temperature can be used to control the unit evaporating temperature
    • Unit performance = water temperature difference on/off the plate heat exchanger x water mass flow rate through the plate heat exchanger x specific heat capacity of the water
    • We can also test the limits of the compressor envelope by changing the external ambient temperature and evaporating temperature
    • Test can be carried out up to 60°C external ambient and -40°C evaporating temperature
    • Our ability to test our units on site can give you total peace of mind, by proving all units can deliver what is published
    • All units are built with tried and tested components from quality and proven brands.
    • All testing equipment is calibrated back to independent registered bodies