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    Hey Deli - Hereford

    Hay Deli – A2LsysteMatch cold room Installation


    Equipment: SMC+ 40 Condensing Unit with a MBMT125B Evaporator
    Date Specified: December 2020

    Our customer was Hay Deli an independent whole food shop & delicatessen in the Welsh border town of Hay-on-Wye. The shop sells a wide range of ambient, chilled (fruit, veg, cheese counter, deli counter, plus lots more) and frozen goods. 

    In 2020 Hay Deli decided to embark on a renovation project that would enlarge the shop floor, move the stock room and in doing so join the shop with the outbuilding where the cold room was located allowing a substantially upgrade to the cold room.

    Hay Deli asked their trusted refrigeration engineer, Martin from Core Refrigeration for a proposal & quote for a new cold room system that would not only bring the walk in up to current industry standards but also offer the best affordable system to future proof it.

    Core refrigeration were keen to recommend moving to a Marstair A2LsysteMatch as it represented a huge leap forward in technology with such a low Global Warming Impact. The refrigerant charge required for the project was only 0.38Kg.

    The new A2LsysteMatch offers 93% reduction in GWP, is up to 3% more efficient than current Marstair units which are on the ETL list and can deliver up to 33% lower total cost of ownership. With these benefits in mind the A2LsysteMatch was the perfect solution for Hay Deli.

    The system selected was a SMC+40 Condensing unit with MBMT125B Evaporator match to fulfil the project specification as below

    • Cooling requirement: 2.5kW cooling
    • Conditions: evaporating temperature -8°C, room temperature 3°C, ambient temperature 32°C
    • Cold Room Size 1m(L) x 4.00m(W) x 2.2m(H)
    • Pipe run: 5m
    • Pipe sizes: 3/8″ Expansion line, 1/2″ suction line
    • R454C Refrigerant charge requirement: 0.38kg (with no addition needed)
    • A single phase motor rated 20A fused supply


    Core Refrigeration said “The design team were excellent to work with and the product is good quality product and very easy to install. Marstair A2LsysteMatch gives clients an excellent choice to move towards a future proof, environmentally friendly product.”

    Hay Deli said The uplift in cost for this state of the art unit was minimal and one we were very happy to pay given the environmental benefit and to future proof our business. Since it’s installation Core Refrigeration have been to site to make sure it’s running well and check things over and have always been happy.”