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    Marstair designs and provides solutions for many education providers across the UK  for air-conditioning and refrigeration needs, this includes state schools, private schools, universities and libraries.

    The main priorities education providers have for a bespoke solution are:

    • Cost efficient solutions to meet budget restraints
    • Flexible solutions to meet the demands of different needs across multiple buildings
    • Solutions that can work efficiently across historical and new buildings
    • Solutions that won’t breakdown and cause closures of the buildings

    The education sectors look after the welfare of many people, from children, to the elderly. All education providers have different needs for air-conditioning and refrigeration on a daily basis. The high volume of people in the buildings can lead to high running costs for the education providers. Disruption has to be a minimum, if systems or solutions breakdown, this can have a huge knock on effect to the public if temporarily closure is needed whilst repairs take place.

    Budget restraints education providers face in a time of economic uncertainty can lead to the threat of permanent closure, costs have to be kept low, but still run the service at a high level to meet the needs for many people.

    Marstair have worked in the government sector for many years. Education can be the most challenging government sector to cater for the vast needs of the general public, but still keeping costs down.

    Our engineering and design teams work with the consultants and contractors appointed by the local authority to deliver cost-effective solutions to run to maximum length of time to save future disruption.

    The right temperatures in education buildings are vital to support the running of the service provided. Easy to use controls are vital for staff to be able to set the right temperatures, at the right time. Our solutions include innovational controls so the end user has the overall control what access staff in the building can have to set temperatures in their departments.